How To: on Procrastinating

You probably shouldn’t read this, but since you don’t want to write your paper it seems like such a good idea.

I’ve been procrastinating HARDCORE lately. I’m supposed to be doing my own research in the midst of Holy Week…so, I mean, that’s impossible. I think the problem is that I feel totally lost and have no idea what the monkey’s I’m supposed to be doing. The organization I’m supposed to be working with doesn’t have time for me, so now I’m a wanderer, jumping from person to person, organization to organization, interviewing whoever has time. I also have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing in general or what the final product is supposed to look like. So I’ve surrendered. And here’s how:

  1. Download new music. This is one of my favorite activities in life, even though it can be pretty time consuming. I bought the entire Beyonce album, music videos included.
  2. Organize this new music into playlists. Playlists are great for those who feel the incessant need to organize and categorize. My most recent playlist was titled “Productivity” and took me hours to make.
  3. Watch moviesI’ve watched more movies this past week than I have the whole semester. These include The Milagro Beanfield War, Chocolat, Across the Universe, Monster’s University, and Frozen (in Spanish, which was weird).
  4. Plan your future.  So far on the planning agenda is where I’m gonna live this summer/coming year. I’m screwed.
  5. Get frustrated at your inability to plan the future. That’s pretty self-explanatory and a given.
  6. Complain. To anyone and everyone who can hear you. “Ugggh I can’t focus.” “Oh my god, I just can’t. I can’t!” “Wow, this is ridiculous. I can’t even.”
  7. Take every single quiz on Buzzfeed. My favorite was the quiz that told me that I wasn’t having a productive day…
  8. Pretend to do your work. This includes opening and staring at word documents for extensive periods of time…before switching to Facebook to see what has happened in the past 10 minutes.
  9. Skype/call people. You know it’s a problem when you won’t let the conversation end. Your mom will be like, “okay honey well you go eat something yummy tonight for dinner, okay?” and you’ll just be like “so how was your day?”
  10. Do something creative. This is more of an effort to get out of my procrastination than anything else. That’s why I’m writing this blog. My hopes are that the act of writing and formulating thoughts will translate over to the work I actually need to do. But who knows…I’ll probably just end up on Tumblr.



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