“Guys, we’re making pasta…IN ITALY!”

Italy is the culinary capital of the world, and Bologna is it’s heart. Nicknamed la grassa (the fat one), Bologna has some of the best food in the entire country, something I was able to experience first hand! Our last day in Bologna, my classmates and I took part in a cooking class, taught by the father of our Italian professor. What was on the menu? Tagliatelle with ragu, or with mushrooms.


There he is! The master chef…football is his life.

So here’s what you do. You take flower and make a crater. In the crater you crack two eggs and wisk them, all the while reforming the crating to slowly incorporate the flour in the mixture. Eventually, it comes to a point where you have to use your hand to knead the dough gently.


And what do you get once it’s all mixed together? PASTA DOUGH!


Rolling away!



Okay, so after you roll the dough to pretty much fill the cutting board, you fold it over on itself multiple times to cut it.


Libera la pasta. Free the pasta! BE FREE PASTA!!


And don’t play with your food.


The final product was DELICIOUS! I ate the tagliatelle ai funghi (mushroom) and was in complete bliss.


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