UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Greece Edition

You are all invited on a mini-tour of ancient archeological sites that I had the pleasure of visiting in Greece. (Note: Mycenae is missing because I didn’t take lots of pictures, but this place is famous for the two lions at their gate and for the cyclopean masonry)

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 1.35.40 PM

Delphi was the spiritual center of Ancient Greece as it was were the oracle would utter her prophecies.


Our tour guide Ionna gives us the low down on this site

IMG_1657Beautiful view of the mountains, this place was actually unreal!

IMG_1658People would come here to watch games, but like bad-ass Greek games where people died.

IMG_1660_2Another stadium for such games, but they had races too. Okay, clearly I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have been but you get the point!

On to one of the monasteries of Daphni, Hosios Loukas. This place was so beautiful and peaceful.





IMG_4126Such a beautiful mosaic. Dad, I demand one in my room upon my return! (My dad does mosaics for those of you who don’t know.)


More mosaics


Now here’s the one everybody knows, the Acropolis! This big ‘ol rock sits in the center of Athens and houses the incredible Parthenon.

IMG_4148Tourists on tourists on tourists! This day definitely sparked up somma those sentiments I just blogged about in my last post. There were 7 cruise ships at the Parthenon that day…SEVEN!


This piece is titled: Tourist climbs on ancient rock with help of tourist friend. It says so much without saying anything at all…

IMG_4151There it is: the Parthenon! This was a temple dedicated to Athena and was a big deal because of it’s use of the doric order. Despite being bombed and looted the temple still stands and undergoes reconstruction.

IMG_4157Okay, this was my favorite part because it brought me back to AP Art History. The caryatids! These women stand beautifully on the porch of the Erechtheion. IMG_4155Me geeking out!

IMG_4163 IMG_4164Views from the Acropolis

IMG_4166Group photo!!!

Now onto the final UNESCO World Heritage Site we visited in Greece: Mystra. This place was so beautiful and I wandered alone through the churches and down the stone pathways. It was peaceful and reflective, but you can see that for yourselves.

So that’s that. Hope y’all enjoyed the photoset and I promise, Italy posts are JUST around the corner.


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