How to get to Zakynthos from Bologna


Sono tornato a Bologna!

Finally, after what feels like months of being away I have returned to la città rossa. It wasn’t an easy journey, nor was it a quick one. Let me just lay out the process of getting to Greece from Bologna.

We left for the train station at around 8:45 am on September 5th and headed for Ancona, which was a 3 hour ride.

We then hopped on a 6 minute shuttle ride to the port.

We were told that the ferry ride to Patra took 22 hours, it didn’t…it took 24 hours.

From the port of Patra we took a 1.5 hour bus ride to the port of Killini.

Here, we jumped on the ferry to Zakynthos, another 1.5 hours spent on the ocean.

It was pretty intense to say the least, but upon walking through the islands olive groves and marveling at it’s mountains, it was clear that the trip was well worth the 30 hours spent on every conceivable mode of transportation.


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