So…you want to write a blog?

I never really pictured myself as the blog kind of person, and if I did it was only because I wanted to be one of those trendy twenty-somethings that sat in a cafe on some side street, listening to Belle & Sebastian, drinking chai, and doing whatever other hipster activity you could think of. Yet, I’m sitting on a couch overlooking the moonlit Hilton Head beach, listening to “Pinch Me” by The Barenaked Ladies.

Here are some things to expect from this blog:

  • Lots of questions, mainly regarding the world we live in and, more specifically, my place in it.
  • Music. Prepare to be educated on all that moves me musically.
  • Photos (obviously). I love capturing the details in architecture and nature, as well as photographing people.
  • Art (maybe, maybe not. I wouldn’t hold me to this if I were you…)

Well here goes…happy blogging to me and I hope y’all enjoy


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